QiGong Playlist

It’s nice to have some music sometimes. Here are some songs I like.

Zionsville/ Khruangbin
Baby Saige/ The Album Leaf
Pure Space/ Sol Rising
Moving/ Eskimotion
Pretty Stars/Bill Frisell
Shen/ Sangit Om
The Sun in September/ Matthew Halsall
Sun Rays Like Stilts/ Tommy Guerrero
Guaranteed-Humming Version/ Eddie Vedder
Peace through Kindness/Nawang Khechog
Aguas De Marco (cover) / Bossacucanova
Circle of Dreams/ Ron Allen
Love’s In Need of Love Today/ Stevie Wonder
Orange Sky/ Alexi Murdoch
The Lime Tree/ Trevor Hall
Feeling Good/ Lauryn Hill
Sunshine/ Raul Midon